Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

As we grow older our skin has less collagen preventing the skin from looking youthful and we develop fine lines and wrinkles from facial expressions. Botulinum Toxin Type A is administered by injection to prevent the muscle from contracting allowing the skin to rest from creasing. The most popular brand of Botulinum Toxin is Botox and everyone tend to refer to the procedure as “Botox”.

Are the Injections painful ?

The procedure is mildly uncomfortable and is administered via injection to specific muscles within the face, the procedure takes less than five minutes to complete and takes effect after four to ten days, a free of charge review appointment is offered after 2 weeks and the dose is adjusted if required.

Is the procedure safe?

Complications are unusual if administered by a qualified medical professional and most are mild and transient, Botulinum Toxin has a very good safety profile and is prescribed for many medical conditions including migraine, cervical dystonia, blepharospasm, incontinence and has even been administered to children with cerebral Palsy.

I don’t want to look frozen can you provide a natural looking treatment ?

A skilled practitioner will listen to your requests and will tailor the treatment to you, following a full consultation you will have the relevant information to understand the procedure, and also the risks and complications.  You can take time to consider this information and have treatment if and when you feel comfortable to go ahead.

Which Botulinum Toxin is provided by Dermis Aesthetics ?

The two medicines used are Bocouture and Botox, both have very good safety profiles and are manufactured by reputable pharmaceutical companies, there is a small difference in the price of the medicine which is reflected in the cost of treatment.

How long does the treatment last ?

Treatment typically last between two to four months but most people who have regular treatments tend to be three to four times per year.

Will I look more wrinkled if I stop having the treatment ?

No once you stop having the Injections you will develop the lines and wrinkles again as the muscles contract normally.

After the procedure is there anything I cannot do ?

The consultation will cover this in detail but it is important that you do not engage in vigorous exercise and avoid heat following treatment.